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Selection Process

Criteria for selection of athletes into the Texas Sports Hall of Fame

Any athlete, coach or administrator, male or female, living or deceased, is eligible for induction into the Texas Sports Hall of Fame. Nominees will be selected who have brought lasting fame and honor to Texas sports.  

     Number of people on the selection committee

There shall be at least 21 members on the selection committee. The committee shall be comprised of sportswriters and electronic sports media members who live in the state of Texas. One member of the committee shall serve as the chairman.

     Number of Athletes Selected Each Year

Up to 10 inductees may be honored each calendar year.  Primary Ballot - every year six nominees shall be selected from the Primary Ballot. No more than three nominees from the same sport shall be selected on the Primary Ballot. Veterans Ballot – every year two nominees shall be selected from the Veterans Ballot. To qualify for the Veterans Ballot an nominee must be 20 years removed from competition. There are also two at large selections each year selected from the ballot by the Texas Sports Hall of Fame Board of Trustees.


       Nominations are open to the public and can be submitted online at the bottom of this page. If your nominee is fortunate enough to be placed on the official ballot- be sure that you are able to help vote them into the museum by becoming an Official Voting Member. Deadline for nominations is June 1st. 


The selection committee shall meet every year to determine who is placed on the official Texas Sports Hall of Fame nomination ballot. The ballot is comprised of a primary and veterans section. The Primary Ballot will have 20 names and the Veterans Ballot will have 12 names. The top five vote getters on each ballot who are not elected will automatically be placed on the ballot the next year. Texas Sports Hall of Fame staff will prepare the bios once the ballot has been selected, mail ballots and tabulate the votes.

     Acceptance Process

If a nominee declines induction for two consecutive years without a legitimate reason for not being able to attend the enshrinement ceremonies, that individual is then removed from the ballot and is not again eligible for nomination for five years.

Nominees, unless deceased, must attend the banquet to be officially inducted into the Texas Sports Hall of Fame.

     Selection Committee By-Laws Amendments

Selection committee by-laws and amendments are approved by the Texas Sports Hall of Fame Board of Trustees.  

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