Gil Brandt served as the Dallas Cowboys VP of player personnel from 1960-1988. Along with coach Tom Landry and general manager Tex Schramm he helped the Cowboys get to five Super Bowls including World Championships in 1971 & 1977. He helped pioneer scouting techniques that are still used today, including computer analysis. Brandt was among the first to identify athletes from other sports -- Bob Hayes (track), Cornell Green (basketball), Toni Fritsch (soccer) -- with football potential. Adept at finding free agent rookies with star quality (Cliff Harris, Drew Pearson & Everson Walls). Brandt is also credited with originating the philosophy of drafting the "best athlete available" rather than a team's positional need. He now works as an analyst and handles player invitations to the NFL Draft. Brandt is also a contributor for and a radio host on Sirius XM NFL Radio.

Gil Brandt

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